International Women’s Day 2017

International Women’s Day takes place on the 8th March each year. This year at UCLan we are celebrating with a number of events:
From 12:00 – 3:00pm come along to Adelphi Foyer and try on a colourful Chinese ethnic costume. A photographer will be there, if you want your photo(s) taken and there will also be Chinese music and singing during this time.

From 2pm in Foster Lecture Theatre 4 there will be a screening of the film ‘She’s beautiful when she’s angry’ followed by a panel discussion. The film is an exploration of the Women’s Liberation movement in the ’70s and discusses the progress made on Women’s Equality to the present date. This event is open to the public, and free to attend. There is no need to book for this event; just turn up on the day.

And if you are feeling energetic, come along to one of the women led fitness classes in Sir Tom Finney Sports Centre. Admission to these classes is free for everyone.
1-2pm Ab Attack.
1-2pm Meditation
2-3pm Bollywood
3-4pm Circuit training


If you have any questions about these events please contact Claire Meadows-Haworth (


Call for student contributions for International Women’s Day 2017

For International Women’s Day 2017, the University of Central Lancashire are keen to celebrate the diverse women in our institution. We are looking for student contributions for our event taking place in Foster Learning Zone and Scholars Bar, on the afternoon of Wednesday 8th March 2017.

We want these events to truly showcase the amazing skills, interests and passions of the women who study at UCLan. We are keen to include the talents and experience of all women students. Whatever your background, subject area/ passion each woman has something to offer. We are keen to ensure an intersectional event, and the staff submissions so far reflect this. We would like to ensure that the student contributions come from the wide range of women that we know we have here.

We are open to applications for a presentation, a workshop, an exhibition, a performance, pretty much anything. Contributions can be related to the subject you study, or can be a hobby, or a passion. Tell us what you can do, and how you want to share it with our staff and students.

The only restriction is that to contribute you must be a woman and you must study at UCLan.

The planning group will consider applications received before 1st February 2017. Please send your applications to cmmeadows-haworth1[at]uclan[dot]ac[dot]uk, with the subject “IWD 2017 student contribution application”.

If you have any questions regarding this, or want to chat through your ideas; please contact Claire Meadows-Haworth on 01772 895432 or the above email. Claire will be happy to help develop ideas, and can take suggestions to the planning group.

Maggie Aderin-Pocock visits UCLan

On the 10th June we were lucky enough to welcome Maggie Aderin-Pocock to UCLan. Maggie is one of my Science Communication Heroes, and I was inordinately excited to meet her. It had been my intention to live tweet the lecture for those not in attendance, but within 5 minutes I was too captivated and forgot to tweet!

Maggie’s talk covered her love of Space science and her passion for learning. She described herself as the sort of person who always asks “why?” and says this curiosity is what led her to science. She faced some barriers growing up but has succeeded in finding a career that combines her passions and her skills. Her lecture was very inspirational, but I’m not going to go in to too much detail here, as I plan to have a whole post dedicated to Maggie’s story in the next few weeks.

On the 11th June Maggie was delivering a Public Speaking workshop with her colleagues from Screenhouse. We had asked Heads of Schools to nominate women in STEMM that they thought would benefit from the workshop and on the day had 18 very eager women in attendance (myself included).

After the introductions, Maggie opened the workshop with a presentation giving us tips and tricks she has learned from her time in Science Communication.


Following this we worked in small groups trying to come up with a ‘headline’ and a few sentences (five at the most) about our work/research. This was incredibly difficult, for everyone. We all struggled condensing topics that we are passionate about into such small servings. It is really hard to know what you need to say and what you can leave out. Getting the balance between ensuring that you are accurate and understood, whilst also being brief is a skill we all needed to develop. Luckily Maggie, Barbara and Paul were on hand to help us out.





Once we had developed our brief ‘stories’ we then had the opportunity to be filmed 3 times delivering them to our small groups. I found this incredibly useful and we all got better after watching each of the videos. The instant feedback the videoing gave meant that we could make changes and improvements instantly.

I learned so much about my colleagues at UCLan and the cool things that they are doing during the course of the day too. We really do have some amazing STEMM women here, and giving them extra training like this empowers them to become more visible.

At the end of the day we took a group photo of the women who had attended the session. Look at all the happy faces! (I’m not on this picture as I’m behind the camera).


The feedback from the women who attended has been overwhelmingly positive and we also have some ideas for further development of these women in the future.

Of course, I couldn’t let Maggie leave without getting a Selfie with her. 🙂


International Women’s Day 2015 at UCLan

Has it really been a month since International Women’s Day?!

At UCLan we celebrated IWD15 with several events. Firstly there was a networking lunch open to students and staff. The purpose of the lunch was to allow our female researchers to meet with students and staff to talk about what they do and their experiences as women in research. The event was well attended and everyone enjoyed it. It was a lively lunch with lots of discussion happening.

This was followed by an AMAZING trial re-enactment of the trial of Ruth Ellis, the last woman to be hanged in the UK. This event was organised by Law lecturer Vivienne Ivins, and Viv did a fantastic job. The moot court room was packed and the re-enactment was live streamed to our Cyprus campus. Other staff from the Law school played various roles within the trial and really brought the case to life. Following the re-enactment there was critical discussion of the case, the evidence presented and evidence that wasn’t presented. This was facilitated by UCLan Criminology Professor Helen Codd, and we had Louise Pennington from Ending Victimisation and Blame in attendance. The discussion gave those in attendance a lot to think about and we left wondering how much (or maybe how little) has changed in regards to victim blaming in domestic abuse cases.

Finally, Nutrition expert Professor Nicola Lowe gave a talk about her work with the Abaseen Foundation in Pakistan. Nicola kindly videoed the lecture for us as she was in Pakistan on IWD, she then joined us via skype to answer questions after the lecture. Since this lecture was so good, and was videoed; we asked Nicola if we could share the video online. She kindly agreed and so here is the video. I recommend that you watch it. Nicola’s work is AMAZING and the talk is truly inspirational.

So, you can see we had a busy but brilliant International Women’s Day 2015 at UCLan. I can’t wait for next year!